ICON Redefines Fitness with the ProForm Spa Family

ICON Redefines Fitness with the ProForm Spa Family

Fitness is Not Just About Exercise Anymore

By: Daryl MarplesWebsite: http://www.fitness-equipment-101.com

Fitness is Not Just About Exercise Anymore

ICON Health & Fitness is launching the latest products to help today''s consumer meet the challenges of daily life by offering a portable, powerful and affordable solution to stress - the ProForm Restoration hydrotherapy spas.

More than 75%* of doctor''s visits today are related to stress complaints. However, recent studies now show that hydrotherapy is an excellent way to relieve that stress and maintain fitness. (*Source: January 1996 Study, New York University Medical College, Paul J. Rosch, M.D.)

To enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy, consumers in the past either had to belong to a health spa, or invest in an expensive, permanent hot tub that required special plumbing and electrical work.

"We believe the ProForm spas are the hydrotherapy product consumers have been waiting for," said Colleen Logan, director of marketing at ICON Health & Fitness, manufacturer of the ProForm product line. "ProForm innovation has found a way to deliver genuine hydrotherapy that is within reach of virtually every consumer."

ProForm spas give a great, full-body therapeutic massage. More Americans see the importance of relaxation in handling stress in everyday life.

All you do is fill your ProForm 2.0 spa up with a garden hose, plug it into any standard 110 volt wall outlet, and turn it on. The therapeutic jets and heat are just what your body needs after a long day, or a tough workout, to reduce stress, eliminate muscle soreness and restore energy.

The space saving ProForm Restoration 2.0 spa seats two people in reclined position seating with a combination of seven Thera-Jets targeting sore muscles. The ProForm 2.0 spa makes owning a spa affordable at $1,799. The spa''s unique oval shape is perfect for condos or smaller vacation homes because it weighs about as much as a water bed. Apartment dwellers can consider purchasing hydrotherapy for the home too.

With the ProForm Restoration 5.1 spa, up to five adults can comfortably enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy. At $2,699, the ProForm Restoration 5.1 offers the features of hot tubs costing thousands more. The 5.1 features 15 adjustable Thera-Jets to circulate 250 gallons of water.

Jet pressure and water temperature are controlled with a convenient top-side control panel. An efficient 5-kilowatt heater maintains water temperature, while an automatic filtration system keeps the water clean. Both models feature a heavy duty Lucite acrylic shell and attractive cedar paneling.

The ProForm Restoration hydrotherapy spas are another example of ICON''s commitment to provide innovative, high-quality products that make total fitness an enjoyable, attainable goal for adults of all fitness levels.

ProForm offers consumers a complete line of home fitness equipment designed to maximize time while providing optimum results. ProForm products are manufactured in Logan, Utah by ICON Health & Fitness, Inc., the world''s largest producer of fitness equipment.

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